This book was given me as a present by a friend and I loved the story and the illustrations!

About the book:

Halloween is coming up and Stumpkin wants to be a jack-o-lantern as other pumpkins. Stumpkin is ‘’orange as an orange!’’, ‘’big as a basketball!’’, ‘’round!’’ and ‘’nearly the perfect pumpkin’’, ‘’very nearly, truly!’’. But, well Stumpkin does not have a stem, he has a stump instead. Waiting in the city sale store for days and days, no one wants to select Stumpkin and take home. Don’t worry, the story has a good end, choosing treats rather than tricks!  :)


Age: +4/5

Author, Illustrator: Lucy Ruth Cummins

Some comments on developmental opportunities:

This book is a lovely story about Halloween, but definitely more than this. It present opportunities to talk with children about being different and related emotional processes, hope, home, feeling left out, accepting others and empathizing. Enjoy it!

A quotation from the book:

‘’Who knows?’’

‘’Some people might even prefer a stemless pumpkin.’’